South Hero Stone Castles Loop

Cycling Map

Cycling Map
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Length of Ride: 14.7 Miles

Start / Stop: Start and End at the Grand Isle Ferry Dock located at 1268 Gordon’s Landing in Grand Isle. It is 3 miles from the intersection of Vt Routes 314 and 2 in South Hero.


This ride is a variation of the Champlain Bikeways Stone Castles ride, slightly modified to reduce the amount of cycling on busy Route 2, and also to take advantage of the spectacular views across Lake Champlain from aptly named Sunset View Road in South Hero. Before you set out on this ride take a look at the article on Harry Barber’s Stone Castles.

Starting at the Ferry Dock in Grand Isle, turn right (South) on to Route 314, which is also West Shore Road. Bear right to stay on West Shore Road (.7) as Route 314 bears to the left. The road is now hard-packed gravel for about 4 miles. You will soon pass thru Eagle Camp (1.4) passing Eagle Camp Road on your left.

You will soon have some really great views of the Lake before passing Sunset View Road on your left (2.6), and arriving at Health Hero Farm where you will find organic produce and grass fed beef, and most importantly for your ride, cyclist snacks as well as free water and air for your tires!!

Continue past Health Hero Farm, passing Station Road on your left (3.4) and you will see your first Stone Castle on the left at mile 4.1. Remember that these castles are on private property!!

Soon you will arrive at the Snow farm Winery (4.4) where you can buy cold drinks, snacks, and also take advantage of their port-o-lets and picnic tables – a great rest stop.

Continuing past Snow Farm you will see your second Stone Castle just past the Crescent Bay B&B (4.7). You now bear left on West Shore Road along the lakeshore and will see hundreds of colorful bird houses (4.9) hanging in trees along the road and in the woods on the left. Passing thru White’s Beach the road turns to pavement (5.3) and proceeds up a hill to South Street (6.1) where you will turn left. A right hand turn here takes you to the Local Motion Bike Ferry.

In about a mile you will arrive at Alleholm Farm (7.0) on the right to find a petting paddock, maple creemees, and the Accidental Farmer food stand. A great place for lunch. There is also water available here as well as a port-o-let.
Continuing on South Street you will pass Hacketts Orchards (7.2) – apples, pies, crisps, and maple products – and then soon arrive at your third stone castle (7.3) on the left and across from the Folsom School.

Continue on South Street to Route 2 (8.0). You are now in South Hero Village where there is Seb’s snack bar, the Blue Paddle Bistro, a pharmacy, and a quick stop.

Crossing busy Route 2 very carefully and turning left, you will next turn left on to Tracy Road (8.7). This is the second turn on to Tracy Road, having passed by the first one a little earlier where it is not safe to cross Route 2 on a corner. Bear right on to Station Road (9.1) and you will arrive at your 4th Stone Castle (9.5).

Do a U-turn at the intersection just ahead and reverse your ride on Station Road, bearing left on to Tracy Road (10.1) and then crossing Route 2 (10.4) and turning left. Be looking for Sunset View Road (10.7) on the left as you cross Route 2 for the last time. Continue up the hill on Sunset View Road – it gets a little steep, but is only .3 miles of uphill peddling. And the view at the top makes it all worthwhile!!

Be sure to stop and enjoy the spectacular view of the lake (11.5) before continuing on to take a right hand turn on to West Shore Road (11.9). Turn left back on to Route 314 (12.9) and arrive back at the Ferry Dock (14.7).

This ride has it all. Great views, historical stone castle architecture, a winery, a petting zoo, maple creemees, and more.

Roads are mostly paved, with gravel on West Shore Road for about 4.5 miles. The gravel section is generally well packed. There is an uphill on West Shore Road just past White’s Beach up to South Street. And there is a short but steep uphill on Sunset View Road for about .2 mile.

Champlain Bikeways Brochure:

Stone Castles:
History of Stone Castles
Health Hero Farm 802-309-5011
Snow Farm Winery 802-372-9463
Allenholm Farm 802-372-5566
Hacketts Orchards 802-372-4848
Remedies Pharmacy 802-378-5442
Blue Paddle Bistro 802-372-4814

Crescent Bay B&B 802-372-4807

Cycling Amenities:
– Water, Air for tires, and snacks at Health Hero Farm
– Port-O-Lets at Snow Farm, White’s Beach, Allenholm, Hacketts, Jolley

Author: Frank Driscoll